About Certifying/Trade Body Organisation

This is an organisation that delivers training in accordance with the law and does so by implementing monitoring systems, policies and procedures, management programmes, services and more that meet statutory and regulatory requirements imposed or sanctioned by a legal authority.

A trade body organisation must demonstrate quality assurance and prove due diligence in the service, training or product they provide.

A training company, for example, may need to but is not limited to ensuring they have mapped and documented training material, session plans, policies and procedures, hold standardisation and staff meetings, outline quality protocols, validate and ensure certificates disclose and reference legislative and law-abiding acts where required and more.

ProTrainings offer more than a trade body certificate as we have gone one better than the average training qualification. We offer a uniquely designed ‘Vocational Training Qualification’ which is abbreviated as VTQ. VTQ is an internal framework designed to increase the standard of qualifications we provide which can easily be mapped or cross-referenced against regulatory qualifications, giving each user or customer confidence that training either meets or exceeds a national standard or requirement in a particular sector or service. Our VTQ qualification is our commitment to quality training.

The difference between a regulated and trade body training organisation includes the flexibility trade organisations have within the boundaries or remits of certain qualifications. For example, a trade body organisation will have an internal department that sanctions and authorises certain decisions, whereas, a regulated organisation must seek further approval via a third-party organisation.

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