Note: Your progress in watching these videos WILL NOT be tracked. These training videos are the same videos you will experience when you take the full First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW Requalification Blended Part 1 program. You may begin the training at any time to start officially tracking your progress toward certification.

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You need to complete the open response test which you can download form your student resources section.  Complete it using the videos and video descriptions and bring it with you to your practical lesson.

Download the open response question sheet here:

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Before you come to your practical session, there's one other thing you can do. This is to complete the open response test. Now, the idea of an open response test is so that we can assess you against every single learning outcome on this course. What you need to do is go to the student resources section, download the open response test for this course, put your name and details on the form, and also, answer the questions on there. Just write them clearly in pen. 

You don't need to type them up or anything like that. If there are any answers you're not sure of, you can refer to the video descriptions, you can refer back to the videos. Also, if there are any problems you have, just leave them blank because these will be answered in your practical session. It's a good idea to get this open response finished before you come along because otherwise, you'll have to do it on your practical day which would take more time. And also, by completing it before, when you arrive on your practical day, we can review the open response tests and it gives your instructor more time to mark them.