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If we've got an embedded object into the eye and we put a standard eye patch on, we're going to push that item into the eye even more. It's also very difficult to actually build up dressings around the item to hold it in place because it's around the face. It's not as easy as maybe doing onto an arm as we've learned earlier. What we can do in this example is place something over the eye to stop sight, also to stop movement. And one way of doing this can be just using something like a basic plastic cup, it can be this type, it could be empty yoghurt pop. But just obviously make sure it's clean whatever you're putting on their face. And just hold that for a second. How we do that is to start with we take a dressing, we open up the dressing to the pad area and then, just fold it in half, take some scissors, just cut a slot in it, and then cut a slot the other way. What we've now got is a dressing with a hole in it and we can just take the plastic cup, pop that over the outside and then, we've got now, a bandage and we can apply that over.

You might just want to just fold over the dressing at the bottom just so we don't actually get plastic cups straight onto their face. So, we just take that over there. Can take your hand and hold it. That's it. And then, what we can do is just take the dressing around the back of the head, just make sure there's no hair in the way, and then, just gently, and avoiding too much contact over the ears, apply the dressing around. Once the dressings on one eye, we put another dressing over the other eye just to stop movement on the affected eye. To do this, just take a second dressing, pop that over the other eye. Again, just put it gently, people don't want stuff tight around their face. And then, secure that off on the back. With this in position here, we've got the eye protected, it's not going to come to any harm, there's no way anything can push into the object into the eye causing further injury.